• PSENSE is a certification exam which gives employers a true sense of an individual in relation to the skills which are more closely related to job performance than any other set of skills.  It is designed to certify a candidates' possession of Skills and Knowledgewhich a University degree cannot guarantee and a one-on-one interview cannot certify.

    PSENSE is a perfect blend of soft skills and hard skills testing designed to improve the quality of talent available in the Nigerian labor force thereby giving you the added advantage of attracting employers and getting the right job.

    Endorsed by organizations as an innovation that can drive talent development in Nigeria, PSENSE certificates essential work-related skills that will give you a perfect boost into a career of excellence.

    Individuals who are PSENSE certified are automatically considered an asset to any organization because he/she is considered to be aware of and possess a mastery of Employability Skills.

    Organisations that uses PSENSE tool are assured of getting top talents into the interview room that have proven that they have the perfect blend of technical and soft skills.

    HR personnel gets their work simplified using the PSENSE tool which is an effective tool for general assessment as well as training impact analysis for staff.

    PSENSE provides universities the opportunities of training, testing and certifying their students’ work-related skills which makes them attractive to employers thereby increasing the university’s rating.

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