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    Don’t wait around to get noticed by employers. Get the certification that will upgrade all your options. 

    The PSENSE Basic Office ICT Skills Certification from Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy is one of the PSENSE Employability Skills tests. It is designed to give employers confidence in your ability to use IT in the way that is required in the office. It is a computer-based test that will run live version of the software being tested and score the candidate’s ability to carry out assigned tasks. 

    Certification Fees

    Compared to other Organisations that charge between =N=15,000 to as high as =N=60,000 for ICT Certification. PSENSE Certification costs ONLY =N=3,000 and includes the entire Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook) as well as a section on General ICT Skills.

    Preparing for the Certification Examination

    Upon successful registration for this PSENSE Basic ICT Skills Certification Programme, candidates will have access to download training materials. Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy has provided these materials to ensure that you have all you need in order to prepare for, and ace the test. The easy-to-understand Training materials give you step by step direction on how to use Microsoft Office and other IT tools efficiently.


    Upon successful completion of the test you will get the following:
    - A PSENSE Basic ICT Skills Proficiency Certificate. This will prove extremely useful as a part of your resume. 

    Other PSENSE Employability Skills qualifications available from Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy are:
    • PSENSE Basic Certification
    • PSENSE Professional Certification
    • PSENSE Executive Certification

    Visit www.psense.org for more information.

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