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  • Research has shown the importance of ICT skills in today’s world and this have led to institutions and secondary schools focusing more on ICT and computer studies more than before. This trend has also risen to the level where institutions and schools use this medium for examination and general assessment. This research gave rise to the partnership of Poise Nigeria and Biddle Consulting, USA in putting together the PSENSE testing platform.


    The testing platform provides excellent cost and time saving benefits as outlined below;

    • Tests computer skills more effectively by launching the software and monitoring the test takers interaction based on different questions
    • It measures a wide range of essential topics including computer knowledge skills
    • Will serve as a perfect way of eradicating cheating in examination halls as candidates will take the same exam but in a randomized sequence.
    • Self-administered, self-scoring tests will save valuable staff time. Graphical score reports provide simple interpretation of scores.
    • This innovative test writer feature allows test administrators to create customised tests in a number of formats. Administrators can also choose any combination of tests and time limits to individualise test administrations for students.
    • A premium customer support option that keeps you updated on PSENSE testing tools as long as you are a member.

    ·  PSENSE tool has inbuilt questions that can be used to test individuals in courses like;

    v  Computer Studies

    v  Basic Mathematics

    v  Financial Accounting and Book Keeping

    v  English Language

    v  And More

    v  Custom Tests (allows for customizing test in respect to client’s need)

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