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    The system’s most powerful feature is the test writerprogramme. This allows for flexibility. Questions can be customised to suit theneed for recruitment at all levels, job specific appraisal, pre and posttraining assessment as well as university and secondary education examinations.The PSENSE tool is favourable for consulting firms in areas of recruitment fortheir clients. It can also be beneficial to human resources personnel for jobspecific testing and appraisal of existing staff as well as pre and posttraining assessment to ascertain the level of impact each training on staff.

    For institutions, it can serve as a certificationexamination for graduates upon graduation and also, it can be used as a toolfor conducting examinations across schools.

    Once the questions have been developed, the tests canbe administered on-screen and scored automatically.

    Test questions can be designed using the followingmethods;

    • Fulltext formatting
    • Multiplechoice questions
    • True-False,and Fill-in-the Blank
    • Graphics,symbols, sound, video

    Scoring: item weighting and sub-scale scoring

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