PSENSE Executive

  • The Ultimate in Soft-Skills certification

    A PSENSE Executive is a CEO on the inside. He/she has all the skills of the PSENSE Professional with advanced ability in the skills and areas listed below. He\She thinks like a CEO, works like one and achieves results that was way beyond the expectations others at the same level of education and experience.

    PSENSE executive gives you a credible 2-year jump start in your career.  The training and certification process has some special features including  internship at reputable companies and exposure to excellent recruitment opportunities.

    Introduce yourself to the CEO in you.

    PSENSE executives get jobs as Management Trainees, Project Managers, Team Leads and so on. 

    Competencies Developed by PSENSE EXECUTIVE

    • Ability to make compelling sales pitches and presentation.
    • Ability to manage project from conceptualization to execution.
    • High sense of responsibility.
    • Networking prowess. Mixing and mingling at business functions.
    • Customer service orientation.
    • Brand ambassadors.
    • Ability to think like executive understanding consequences, business environment.

    And More…


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