Poise Graduate Finishing Academy

  • Poise' Graduate Finishing Academy has one goal! To Re-engineer the Nation's Workforce. We do this by Bridging the GAP between the KNOWLEDGE gotten from formal education and the K.A.S.E required for success in life and career (including entrepreneurship). We are improving the Nation's GDP one individual at a time. At PGFA, We refine and develop your K- Knowledge, A- Attitude, S- Skills and Experiences to position you for a successful career. We do this through our PSENSE Employability Skills Course, Employee Induction Programme and our magazine Young Executive Diary.

    It is well known that graduates need to be knowledgeable in their chosen field of study, however in today’s market, this is not sufficient. Employers want job seekers who demonstrate that they can get the job done with little or no supervision, have good communication skills and knowledge of work place ethics and can work well with others. Our training programmes and publication BRIDGE THE GAP between the knowledge gotten from School and the skills required for efficiency and effectiveness at the workplace.

    Poise’ Graduate Finishing Academy is a subsidiary of Poise Group.

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