PSENSE professional

  • A PSENSE Professional certification attests to an individual’s prowess in the areas of soft skills, self management and interpersonal relations.  It tests and certifies an individual’s competency in areas of advanced level soft and hard skills. Think Self-Management and Executive presence. It is an excellent platform for graduates and people who are already employed to develop their skills and become more effective on their jobs. People with the a PSENSE Executive certification attract job roles that require a bit more finesse, thinking on your feet and little supervision. Roles where you may work directly with a team lead, can manage projects and handle clients with ease.

    The PSENSE Professional certification combines the BASIC certification along with the skills listed below.

    Soft skills are increasingly becoming the hard skills of today's work force.

    Competencies Developed by PSENSE PROFESSINAL

    • Knowledge on time management principles and techniques
    • Performs tasks in a prescribed manner; does not break rules.

    • Possess understanding of managing interpersonal relationships at work.

    • Courtesy in speech.

    • Able to manage emotions during conflicts.

    • Concentrate his/her efforts on priorities.

    • Able to generate new ideas regarding his/her job.

    • Put the team above personal interest.

    And more......


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